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If you're looking for a unique and personal travel experience, you've come to the right place!  With our Sioux Falls RV rental, we can send you on the road in a "home away from home."  You'll have all the amenities you need, in a small package; but one that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 6 people, with beds and seatbelts.  Our Class C RV is drivable for those 25 and older with an excellent safety record.  It's built on a Ford E 350 chasis, it's similar to driving an extra large truck, and provides plenty of power for your trip across the plains, or over the mountains.  With our included HomeStyle Package, we take the headache out of preparing for your trip and returning the RV at the end.

Introducing Our Thor Freedom Elite 26HE

Sleep Up To 6

The Thor Freedom Elite 26HE can comfortably sleep up to 6 people with several bed options...

  • Queen bed (x2) - The cozy queen bed is stored in the slide-out.  Once you're at your level campsite for the night, push the button to extract the slide-out (after checking for trees and wires, etc), then unfold the bed.  It's super comfortable!  The partial curtain creates privacy from the rest of the motorhome.  Features include reading lights, electrical outlets, USB charging ports, and an accessory socket.

  • Cab Over Bunk (x2) - Over the cab is a sleeping area about the size of a double bed.  It can sleep 2 adults or kids.  The bed is accessed by a ladder, and the sleeping compartment has it's own swivel arm TV, cup holders, air vent, and privacy curtains.  There's also a flexible net pocket by the bed with USB chargers for fueling up devices while you sleep.
  • Dream Dinette Single (x1) - It may seem like a strange name for a bed.  That's because it's a kitchen table by day, and a bed at night!  With the simple turn of a handle, and push on the top, the table drops down into a bed.  Move the cushions from the back of the seats onto the table and "voila!" you have a single bed.
  • Jacknife Sofa Bed (x1) - Across from the dinette is the sofa.  Pull up on the bottom, and push back on the top.  It works much like a futon sofa, and easily sleeps a single individual for the night.

Small Kitchen, Everything You Need

Whether you plan to eat out or eat in, it's great to have options!  And the Thor Freedom Elite has everything you need...

  • 3-Burner Stove - Easy to light in just seconds with the turn of two knobs...choose your burner, then turn the lighter knob.  The stove runs on propane from the supplied tank.  The stove's knobs even light up with a cool blue hue, so you can see the dials.  

  • Propane Oven - Just like the stove, the oven works in much the same way.  Turn the oven knob, then the lighter knob, and adjust your temperature.

  • Microwave Convection Oven - Need to heat something quick, or prepare a meal?  Go for it!  It's pretty much a small version of your microwave at home.
  • 2-Door Refrigerator - Keep it cool with the 2-door freezer/fridge combo.  
  • Cooking Gear - As part of our HomeStyle Package, we provide pots, pans, and cooking utensils (slotted spoon, spatula, tongs, etc).  There's also a hot water pot.  Just bring your food items, and any disposable paper plates, bowls, cups, and eating utensils you'll need.
  • All That AND the Kitchen Sink - literally.  The kitchen sink has a pull down sprayer.  It's topped with two pieces that match the counter and provide additional counter space when the sink is not in use.

Our HomeStyle Package Makes It EASY

They say there's no place like home.  While that may be true, we know you also want to explore the world!  Now you can do both -- feel at home AND explore the world -- with our Sioux Falls RV Rental.


What makes renting from us different from other RV rentals in Sioux Falls is our "HomeStyle Package."  We take the sting out of trip preparation.  We'll make sure the RV has the sheets, towels, blankets, pillows and cooking gear that you need, so you don't have to worry about them!  Just bring your disposable paper products (as mentioned above).  


On top of the equipment we provide, we'll also take care of the "after-the-trip" work for you.  We know you'll take care of our RV the best you can, but we'll take it from there with the final cleaning and sanitizing at the end, so you don't have to worry about that.  We'll also take care of the black tank dump (the, uh, toilet waste) and grey tank dump (water from showers, dishwashing and handwashing) at the end of your trip, so you don't have to deal with all of that just before you drop it off!  Just bring it back in good condition and with a full tank of gas.


The HomeStyle Package is listed below under "Host Services" as the "Prep Fee."  With it, we've taken the headache out of trip prep and post trip cleanup.  


You're welcome! :)

Make It More Fun!

We also have a few items available to make your trip a little extra special!  Consider adding these options:


  • RV Bike Rank (Optional) - We offer a Yakima Longhaul Bike RV Hitch Rack for an extra fee.  The rack secures 4 bikes to the RV.  The difference between the Yakima and a standard car rack is that it keeps the bikes away from the back of the RV, and is designed to keep the impact of the RV's movement on the road to a minimum.  (NOTE: Bikes without a crossbar will require a crossbar like the Saris Bike Beam, which may be available at our local Sioux Falls Scheels.  We have one that you can borrow, if it's available, but we can't guarantee it.  Please feel free to ask.)
    • Arms fold down when rack is not in use for easy parking and storage.

    • Anti-sway cradle design holds bikes in place and minimizes bike-to-bike contact.

    • SuperCush ZipStrip™ cradles secure the bikes and make loading and unloading a breeze.

    • Included full SKS security package: HitchLock locks rack to RV and LockDown™ cable secures bikes to rack, all with a single key.

  • Inflatable Kayak (Optional) - Near water?  Take our Sea Eagle 2-Person Kayak along.  This inflatable craft features two positionable seats, a foot bag, and a carry/storage bag. Don't let the material and light weight fool you, it's a rugged kayak able to hold 2 people or 500 lbs and yet easy enough to be carried and paddled by one; and, according to the manufacturer, is suitable up to Class III rapids.  We'll include 2 adult life vests, if requested, with the kayak option.
  • Anything Else? - If you need anything else, please ask.  We may be able to offer some additional camping or outdoor gear for a minimal fee.  We want you to make it as easy as possible, and ensure you have everything you need for the best possible outdoor adventure!

Floor Plan

This is the general layout.  The interior may vary slightly from what is shown; for instance, the microwave is over the stove, not the sink, and there is not currently a 32" TV by the Queen Bed or on the exterior of the RV.  However, there is a TV with Swivel Arm in the Cab-Over Bunk.

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